Helpful Sites

North East of England

The Durham Community Support Centre have a website which is worthwhile visiting,

click the following link to view their site:

The Law Centre

Lawson and Thompson, 3 Regent Street, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 1LQ. Telephone: 01660 368738

South Yorkshire

If you live in Barnsley, we’ve been contacted by Andy Hemingway who runs the Barnsley Unite Community Support Centre, their advisors offer support to claimants in order to complete claims and appeals and also offer assistance with tribunals too – their website can be visited by clicking the following link:

North West England

The Wirral Advisory Centre

Employment Support Allowance:

1: (takes you to: C.A.B.) benefits, sick, disabled, carers, employment & support allowance

Welfare Rights

Legal Clinics:

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Job Sites:

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