How To Guides

canstockphoto10543537-295x300We’ve created a number of ‘How To’ Guides which we’ve combined together in PDF and Word format and placed BOTH of them into a zipped file for quicker downloading. You can obtain the documents in question in the two formats by clicking on the links shown below.

1: How to appeal against an actively seeking work sanction – click HERE.
2: How to prevent a sanction – insufficient steps to seek work – click HERE.
3: How to challenge a failed to attend interview sanction due to no notification being received – click HERE.
4: How to challenge daily attendance and other inappropriate mandatory activity – click HERE.
5: How to speed up receipt of previously sanctioned benefits – Click HERE.
6: How to complain effectively – click HERE.
7: How to agree a fair and reasonable JSA with your Advisor – click HERE.
8: How to challenge a refusal of employment sanction – click HERE.
9: How to Challenge a Failed to Attend Sanction – Late Attendance – JSA – Click HERE.
10: How to Challenge a Refusal of Employment Sanction – JSA – Click HERE.
11. How to Challenge Community Work Placement, Mandatory Work Activity – Click HERE
If you want to download EVERY file from 1 to 11 above (in addition, a Job Search Template is included – making 12 in total) click HERE and you’ll be able to download all of them in one go.

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