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Job Search Template

A template designed for jobseekersBecause job seekers are required to present evidence of their work searches to their local Jobcentre, this ideally needs to be laid out in a methodical manner so the Advisor can see at a glance what your search efforts have been like over a period of time.

Below is a simple search listing method that you can use by simply copying out the layout of the table below onto an A4 sheet of paper, or using the print facility at the foot of this page.

We’ll add additional templates to the site as they become available.

You can download this template in Word format by clicking HERE.

The orientation has been set to landscape to allow the full width of the template to appear.

If you don’t have Word on your machine, you can obtain a FREE download of some software which is compatible with Microsoft’s product and will allow you to open and edit it – it’s called Apache Open Office – you’ll find it by clicking HERE.

Copyright notice: The job image on this page is a paid for item that is licensed for use on this website, the copyright owner is hohojirozame / 123RF Stock Photo

Date of Search?What Did You Do? Ring, Personal Visit, eMailed, Or Did You Write?Who Did You Speak To, Or Who Did You Write Or Email To? What Was Their Position In The Company?What Was The Name of The Company You Applied To, What Was The Job. Is It Full or Part-time Work?Outcome?
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