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JSSA Additional Information

Jobseeker additional informationThe JSSA, as we mention in greater detail on our main Home page, was created to provide a ‘self help’ facility to allow Jobseekers to challenge unlawful and unfair sanctions.

All the advice and information on this site is available in downloadable PDF and Word documents.  If you do not have Word on your machine you can obtain a FREE download of some software which is compatible with Microsoft’s products and will allow you to open and edit them – the name of the free software is Apache Open Office – you’ll find it by clicking HERE.

Other forms of access information are listed on the home page, for example enlarging the print size.

Legal status of Jobseeker Sanction Advice

It is important to be aware of our status – we are not a charity or an organisation, as defined in law, or by the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

We are simply individuals who share our knowledge via the JSSA website and provide support and advice to job seekers who have received or wish to prevent a Jobseeker Allowance sanction.

We do not give advice beyond our area of expertise or competence.

Some of us work for Welfare Advice organisations.

Data protection

We do not collect or process data and are exempt from registering with ICO.

We advise claimants not to share their personal data with us.

Information Commissioner’s Office


We have had a number of people over the past few weeks asking if they can donate financially.

Although we naturally respect and appreciate people’s desire to assist – we would suggest that if anyone wants to make any kind of contribution, they do so to organisations such as Cancer Research UK or Macmillan Cancer Support, the links are shown below.

Because statistically 1 in 3 of us will either contract Cancer in our lifetime, or know someone who has the disease, we would be happier if those organisations were helped rather than ourselves, or indeed any charitable organisation close to your own hearts.

Cancer Research UK 


Macmillan Cancer Support


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