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Jobseeker TipsTips To Avoid Sanctions

1: Take a friend with you to the Jobcentre if you can.

2: Never accept a Jobseeker’s Agreement (re-named Claimant Commitment) which you feel is unfair or unreasonable – take advice.

3: Ensure the Jobcentre is fully aware of your circumstances so that a reasonable agreement can be achieved.

4. Do NOT agree to a 7-day job search.

The Department for Work and Pensions internal training guide, known as a DMA (Decision Maker Appeal) states the following:

The claimant must take such reasonable steps they can to actively seek employment (ASE) in each benefit week of their claim. The claimant does not need to actively seek employment every day

The above quote is taken from a DWP document.

5: Record your meetings if you have concerns.

6: Keep a good record of job search activity and be able to corroborate what you state you have undertaken if necessary – a sample job search activity template is available on this site by clicking HERE.

7. Do NOT give the Jobcentre or the Work Program Provider access to your Universal Jobmatch account – no matter what you may be told – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO – be careful – click on the link below to read some advice.


8. You do NOT have to provide your telephone number or email address to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance.

The above (at 8) has been verified by a DWP Decision Maker in the North West of the UK who has decreed that benefits cannot be stopped because a claimant does not supply an email or telephone number.

9: Always ask for an appointment letter to be handed to you, so you can sign for them.

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