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This website is independently owned and operated by three female, ex DWP civil servants who launched it in order to offer a ‘self help‘ facility to members of society who are unemployed and believe they have been subject to an unfair or illegal Jobseeker Sanction or Disallowance and who need free, relevant, up to date written advice, as well as effective ‘fill in the blank’ templates in order to allow them to challenge the financial restriction placed upon them.

Click on any of the links which appear at the top of this page, e.g., ‘How to Guides‘ – ‘Sanction Survival‘ – ‘Helpful Sites‘ or ‘Tips‘ etc., to be taken to their respective pages.

Many people who have been subject to Jobseeker Sanctions or Disallowances have used the templates and advice contained within this site to have their financial sanctions and disallowances successfully overturned where doubt was expressed concerning their legality.

We know of other independent organisations who recommend our templates and written advice because of their proven effectiveness.

It is impossible to claim a 100% success rate where our templates or written advice are utilised, as this is simply not realistic, however we do claim that their use will give you an ‘edge’ and a much stronger chance of having a Jobseeker Sanction or Disallowance overturned where the fairness or legality is in doubt – we have documented evidence to verify this as being a regular occurrence.

Many reports of such successes are contained on our Facebook page, the link to which appears at the top of this page. Use the information contained on here to help yourself fight back if you feel the sanctions imposed on you (or someone you know) are unfair (because they fail to take into consideration your complete set of personal circumstances) or you doubt the legality of the sanction or disallowance imposed.

We will continue to refresh the information contained within these pages to ensure it is up to date.

Latest News: Our new template to assist those who feel they have been referred unfairly to a Back to Work scheme such as Community Work Placement or Mandatory Work Activity is available to download via our ‘How To’ link which you’ll find at the top of this page.

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