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Benefit Sanctions Free Help

This website provides a free resource of tips and advice for UK Jobseekers

If you’re unemployed and subject to a sanction or disallowance, this site can help you.

Our suggestions can help Jobseekers challenge any financial restriction placed on them.

Click on the links at the top of this page to visit the various other pages on this website.

A large number of people have used the information on this site to overturn sanctions.

Independent organisations recommend this site too.

You’ll have a stronger chance of having Sanctions overturned by using the advice on here.

We, and others listed here, help you to fight back against the system.

Sanctions and Disallowance

If you feel any sanction imposed on you (or someone you know) is unfair, this site can help you.

Have you been  referred  to a Back to Work scheme which you regard as unfair? Visit our ‘How To’ page listed above for advice.

It’s impossible to claim a 100% success rate, but if you you use the information on this site, it can help.

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